Mrs. Cindy Craft » Welcome to 7th Grade Band!

Welcome to 7th Grade Band!

7th Grade Band Directors:

Cindy Craft

Kyle Wiemar

Devin Garza

Steve Workman


There are many new things to look forward to this year as a member of the band. Here are a few highlights:

  • More frequent concerts
  • Band contest
  • Opportunities for individual competition
  • Daily full band classes with the opportunity to be joined by the percussion for concerts and contests!


Supplies needed for band:

  • One 1 or 1.5 inch BLACK binder with a clear plastic cover on the front (a view binder)
  • One 3-ring pencil pouch (to go inside binder), which contains:

o   3-4 pencils, mechanical or regular (sharpened)

o   2 red pens

o   1 or 2 highlighters any color (have different colors if you have 2)

  • 15-20 sheets of notebook paper (not an entire package)
  • 10 top loading sheet protectors to hold music and papers in the binder
  • $11 check made out to “Saied Music” for their Tradition of Excellence book 2 (brass and woodwinds only-not percussion).

Additional classroom supplies (requested, not required):

  • loose leaf paper
  • tissues
  • sanitizing wipes to clean the desks

Please have the needed supplies by day two.

If finances pose a problem, just let us know and we can help out.


If you have any additional questions about 7th Grade Band, please contact us via email.

[email protected]        [email protected]

[email protected]           [email protected]