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Mr. Nunn’s 6th and 7th Grade Geography
Michael Nunn
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In 6th grade geography, students are studying the Western Hemisphere.
In 7th
grade geography, students are studying the Eastern Hemisphere.

We are using the same textbook as the regular education science classes. Students will NOT be able to bring the textbook home. Later in the year, students will receive a code that will allow them to access an online version of the textbook.

Grades-Students will receive grades for written assignments (10 points) and activities (10 - 100 points depending on the size of the activity).  Students will have regular lab experiments in which they will receive grades for the lab, teamwork, and the lab write up (each 10 points). Students will usually have weekly quizzes on Fridays (50 points).  Students will be taking notes during class this year and their daily notes will be checked on Fridays (10 points). I usually post grades around 5-6am the following morning after a school day. You may follow your student’s grades on PowerSchool.  I do not usually assign homework.

At the end of each semester, he students will take a final test. The week before the test, students will be given a study guide which will cover what has been learned that particular semester.  Students will work through the study guide in class and then will check and correct the study guide. The final test will come DIRECTLY from the study guide therefore the students will know the final test questions and the correct answers before taking the test.  There is no reason to do poorly on the test. The semester final test will be weighted to be approximately 10% of the semester grade.

Letter grades will follow the district policy
100%  - 90%     A 79%  - 70%     C 59%  - 0%     F
  89%  - 80%     B 69%  - 60%     D

Tardies-We will follow the school policy for tardies.  Five unexcused tardies to a class will result in a detention.  I will contact the parent before a student gets their fifth tardy so that the parent can help encourage the student to be on time to class.

Respect-I emphasize respect with my students in how they treat adults and peers.  I do not tolerate bullying on any level just as our administration does not.  If you have any concerns about your child’s peer relations, please contact me.

Communication-Email is the best way to contact me.  I have a split teaching position. I am at the 6th grade center for 1st and 2nd hour.  I then leave to go to the 7th grade center for the remainder of my classes.  If you leave me a phone message, I may not see it until the following day.  I try to leave my email open all day so I can respond as quickly as possible.  I also try and check my email at least once in the evening. If you have any concerns at all, please let me know.

Student phones-School policy is that the student’s phone remains off during school hours.  If a student is on their phone without permission, the student will receive a warning to turn it off and put it away.  If the student continues to get on their phone without permission, the student will receive detention and after that will be referred to administration for discipline per school policy. If you need to contact your child, please call the school rather than attempting to contact them on their phone.  The school number is 918-272-2428.