Creative Writing Syllabus

Seventh Grade Creative Writing Syllabus


Teacher:  Mrs. Friend

Planning 10:08-11:08

Email:  [email protected]


We will explore different genres of writing.  My goal is to encourage your creativity and love of writing while helping you grow as a writer.


Possible Activities



Short Stories

Journal Writing




Personal, Narrative, Autobiography, Descriptive Writing


**Sharing written work orally with the class**


Supply List

The 7th Grade Center has one supply list for the school this year.


Class Website


Owasso Public Schools has a teacher website.  This will be a great way for you to stay informed of what is happening in our classroom on a weekly basis.  It is a wonderful means of communication for both the student and the parent.  In addition, you may want to sign up for reminders through Remind.




Class Rules



Be on time, on task and prepared to learn EVERYDAY.  #nofreedays

Respect the teacher, the classroom, other students and yourself. #benice

Be responsible for your own learning.  #workhard    #nocheating

Clean up after yourself.#notyourmom

Keep all personal electronics put away. #onlywithpermission   #notexting


 I set high expectations for myself and my students.  You are all excellent 7th grade students.  Please enter my classroom with an attitude we can all enjoy.  I will expect all students to be sitting up with their eyes on whoever is speaking and listening attentively.  Take pride and responsibility in your assignments, words, actions, and who you are.


Classroom Procedures


Assignments:  All assignments will be posted on the assignment board in our classroom.  Students may choose to use a student planner to record the daily assignments.  This is the total responsibility of the student.  Most of our assignments will be completed in Classroom. 


Class Supplies:  Class supplies should be brought to class every day. You will need your chrome book charged and ready to be used every day in class.


Make-up Work:  If a student is absent, he or she is responsible for making up the work by checking the assignment board in the classroom.  I will also be available to help a student figure out what work they missed and if they need any handouts.  As our Owasso Public Schools handbook states, students will have one day for each day missed, plus one additional day to complete absent work.  Work not completed by the time outlined in the handbook will be considered late unless special arrangements have been discussed with me ahead of time. Check Classroom to see what missed assignments you need to make up. **Turn in all absent work to Mrs. Friend.


Homework:  All daily work that is not completed in class becomes homework and is normally due the next day.  In addition, there may be assignments that are assigned at the beginning of the week and due at the end of the week.  All assignments in Classroom will have the due dates posted.  Check Classroom daily to see what assignments are due each day.


Grades:  Grades are recorded as points rather than percentages.  If you complete all assignments to the best of your ability, you will receive an excellent grade.  Doing your best work assures a good grade. 


Discipline:  Students are expected to treat other class members and me with respect.  This element of respect provides a healthy environment for learning.  Discipline matters will be handled by me as often as possible.  I will evaluate each situation and apply discipline to encourage a change in the behavior.  My goal is to alter an undesirable behavior rather than simply punish a student.


Cell Phones:  At the Owasso Seventh Grade Center cell phones are expected to remain in the classroom phone “locker” or in the backpack the duration of the school day. From experience, I have found that this is a difficult expectation for students to follow. Though phones can be used as a tool, more often than not, they become a distraction. Because each of our students have been issued a Chromebook, access to the phone is not needed. Therefore, I provide a “locker” for each student’s cell phone. As an incentive to students, I will offer monthly bonus points each day that their cell phone is placed in the assigned slot.  If I see a phone out after roll is called, then it will be placed in "phone jail" until the end of class on my desk.  My goal is for the students to get the most out of my class with the instruction time we have available.


Communication:  I am looking forward to a great year.  If you or your parents need to visit with me, at any time, please let me know.  Remember, I am always here if you need extra help, all you must do is ask. Communication is vital to success.




“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” ---F. Scott Fitzgerald