Creative Writing Lesson Plans

Creative Writing  Lesson Plans/Week of   March 28-April 1


Daily Journal                                             Lunch Duty 11:08/Gym Duty 2:45

Introduce the lesson/story we will be working on this week in class. (Island Story)

Video:  Surviving on an island

Assignment:  Imagery Writing (Figurative Language)



Daily Journal

Using information from assigned websites and by researching complete two pages.

Assignment:  Complete the following pages:  Island Notes and Island Words



Daily Journal                                                 

Students will read the Island story that sets up the assignment in class together. 

 Assignment:   Complete the Island Story Planning Page

                 If the planning page is complete then begin typing the story.



Daily Journal

 Students will continue typing their island story.




Daily Journal

  There may be some time to finish typing the island stories.


  Group Write/Fold and write