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Mrs. Carpenter                                                  

E-mail:  [email protected]

School Phone:  (918) 272-1183

Planning Period:  11:00-12:00

Parent Portal:  Check the Owasso Public Schools web site ( under the “Parents” tab for information on your child’s grade.

Mrs. Carpenter’s web site:  This is where you can find my daily lesson plans and school information. Go to the Owasso Public School page and click on teacher’s web sites. 

  •     Assignments: All assignments are posted on the smart board in our classroom.  
  •     Binder: Students should bring their binder to class every day.  Handouts, homework, assignments, DGP (Daily Grammar Practice)  will go in their binder.
  •     Homework: All daily work that is not completed in class becomes homework and is normally due the next day.  Checking your student’s binder and occasionally asking to see their complete assignments is a great way to offer a little “accountability.” 
  •     Make-up Work: If a student is absent, he or she is responsible for making up the work by gathering any handouts from the absent folder.  As our Owasso Public Schools handbook states, students will have one day for each day missed to make up work. 


  •      Discipline: The number one rule in my classroom is show RESPECT!!   I have high expectations for your students and that includes behavior and responsibility.  I expect nothing more out of my students than I would my own children.  This element of respect provides a healthy environment for learning.  Discipline matters will be handled by me as often as possible.  I will evaluate each situation and apply discipline to encourage a change in the behavior.  Students are always aware that you and I are a team and our communication is very important.  If I ever contact you regarding your child, please know that it is a member of your “team” seeking your input.  If your child knows that you and I are on the same team it makes a huge difference on their success in the classroom.
  • Course Description: Language Arts at the 7th Grade level includes learning about different types of writing and the writing process, building vocabulary and improving reading levels as well as learning more about grammar.  Students will be exposed to different genres of literature, and learn about various authors.  This course is designed to further educate students and prepare them for the next level.
  • The textbook we will be using in class:  Pearson Literature 
  • Bell work includes: Daily Grammar Practice (DGP). Students are also required to bring a book to read in class each day.  
  • During the year, we will do a number of assignments and units which will include essay writing, picking out and understanding literary terms, grammar, research, vocabulary building, and reading.   We will be using Google Classroom to do many of our assignments and projects.
  • Books & Films: I will teach 2 sections of Books & Films. This class last for 1 semester and then you will move to Mrs. Friend's class for Creative Writing.  In Books & Films we will read the book and watch the movie.  We will discuss the characters and how they compare and contrast from book to movie.  We will do different projects in relation to the book we are reading.  This will be a  class that will expand your vocabulary and communication skills.  We will learn while having FUN!!
  • A little about Me:  This will be my 19th year to teach.  I am extremely approachable and have always had a good rapport with my students.  I have 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren. :)  I love all sports and am a big ARKANSAS RAZORBACK fan!  I do have high expectations of my students, but I know that they are smart and capable and with a little effort they will do AMAZING!  My job is to get them ready for the next level, and I will never give up on them.  I care about all of my students, and I know that all of them are unique and special in their own way.

I am looking forward to a great year working with all students.  Thank you in advance for your concern and support throughout the year!!!


Mrs. Carpenter