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Classroom Expectations and Routine

Classroom Expectations:

  1. Be kind to each other.
  2. Have fun and try new things! It’s ART CLASS!
  3. Please DO NOT use phones or electronic devices without permission- your device may be taken and turned into the office.
  4. The room must be clean, with all students seated and quiet before anyone is dismissed.
  5. No food, drinks, or gum without permission.

The Golden Rule:    ***WORK HARD AND BE NICE TO PEOPLE***



Daily Classroom Routine:

  1. Be seated (in your assigned seat) and quiet when the bell rings. Stay in your assigned seat throughout the class period.
  2. The first 5 minutes of each class period is spent silently sketching in your sketchbook. It is your responsibility to find your sketchbook and put it away every day. Since sketchbooks are daily work, they have a HUGE effect on your final grade.
  3. All assignments will be written on the board and it is your responsibility to record each assignment in your daily planner, if you choose to do so.
  4. Students are responsible to clean up whatever mess is made while working on a project. You will not be dismissed until your area is clean.
  5. Projects are graded on EFFORT, neatness, following directions, turning an assignment in on time, and originality. I DO NOT GRADE BASED ON TALENT. (It is easy to be successful if you put forth your best effort, turn in your work on time, and follow project directions and classroom rules.)
  6. If a student chooses not to follow the routines and expectations of the classroom, he or she can expect discipline in the form of written work, lunch detention, and/or after school detention.

So just be lovely and we will have a fantastic year! ;)