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Frequently Asked Questions

What is English Language Arts?
Reading, writing, speaking, and listening
Why do I have to take ELA in 7th grade?
You've come a long way from sounding out words to writing full paragraphs. But you're not quiet there yet. There's still a long way to go to becoming someone who has a firm grasp on how to take in information and spit it out with style.
Is this a hard class?
Every experience in life has the potential to grow you. My hope is this class is challenging enough to further develop your reading and writing abilities as well as grow who you are as a person. It will be easy enough that along the way you feel successful and like this is a journey worth taking.
What do I need?
Will there be homework?
Absolutely! There will always be something you can work on at home to help you improve your reading and writing. Much of this will be extensions of what we do during our class time. There is no set night you'll have a vocabulary packet or spelling tests to study for. Any work you do at home will be of your choosing to help develop your reading and writing weaknesses.
What are we doing each day?
Shortly after the year begins, I'll share a document with everyone via Google Classroom. I'll also link to it here. It will be the daily lesson plans as they develop.
I'm a parent/guardian. What can I do to help?
  • Be actively involved in their child's reading and writing lives by talking to them often about what they're reading and writing
  • Read alongside your child for 20 minutes each day 
  • Listen to podcasts or audiobooks in the car
  • Empower your student to check their grades regularly on the Student Portal
  • Donate books to our classroom library
  • Volunteer your time to tape/repair books from our classroom library

How can I best contact Mrs. McMath
Please don't hesitate to email me.