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Our School's GreenTeam consists of the following groups: Recycling, Site Improvement, and Energy. Our GreenTeam officially began a few years ago and became certified and presented the GreenTeam flag at our end of the year awards ceremony. You can see the flag proudly displayed daily on the flagpole of our school. Along with our certification we received a $6,000 grant for future site improvements. Recently we were awarded the 2012 Recycling School Award!

The Site Improvement team has implemented many improvements which have been the additional bird houses, plants/trees, rain barrels, and seating on campus. They have begun improvements to our outdoor classroom located between to front and back hallways of the older building.

Our Recycling team has been busy this year feeding Mr. MURPH! The new recycling company takes all materials except glass which keeps our containers full!! The students assist our custodian, Mrs. Reed, with removing the recycled lunch materials and placing them in Mr. MURPH. With the funding we have receiving from Mr. MURPH have purchasing a larger transporting bin to haul the materials to the MURPH containers! We are excited to see the community utilizing Mr. MURPH as well!

The Energy team has spent several meetings gathering data using equipment obtained through our GreenTeam funds. The kilowatt readers have helped us understand and record the amount of energy used by various equipment such as the laminator, copy machines, pop machines, etc. We used other equipment to determine the amount of light projected vs. amount of light needed in the classrooms and cafeteria. This data will allow us to present suggestions to the faculty and administration to reduce the amount of energy used at school each day.

It is never too late to join the GreenTeam and make a difference!

Contact any of the sponsors (all the Science Teachers, Ms. Henrie, and Mrs. Livingston) if you have any suggestions or ideas for the GreenTeam!

Owasso 7th Grade Center GreenTeam received the 2012 Recycling School Award!
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