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Our Story


7th Grade Center entrance

     The 7th Grade Center entrance.

Our Mission

The Owasso Seventh Grade Center is committed to the basic premise that all students can learn. To support this premise we, at the Seventh Grade Center, will focus on the development of the basic skills of learning. We will encourage students to engage in the skills needed to learn by continuing this development in learner-centered, teacher-directed activities. Students will be encouraged to demonstrate the necessary skills so that they may become responsible citizens who can succeed in the task of problem-solving.

School Profile

Our school has been the site of Owasso High School, Owasso Middle School, and currently houses Owasso Seventh Grade Center students with an enrollment of about 650 students annually. Though it is one of the oldest buildings in the district, it has taken precedence in top-priority renovation projects in the past five bond issues. Renovations are finally complete to ensure the safety and security of our student population, while still preserving the historic character of the seventh-grade building in which students gain a lifelong love for learning.

We have a new, state-of-the-art library, an extensive, well-equipped computer lab, an enormous newly-built band building, and expansive offices, including a warm, inviting conference room, and a nurse's station to serve students who are in need.

Our students are very active in a host of student-focused, curriculum-driven activities, such as National Honors Society, Student Council, Advanced Computer, Band, Vocal, Athletics, Odyssey of the Mind, Creative Studies, Art, and Multi-Cultural Studies, as well as Honors Level classes, Basic Level classes, and Special classes to meet the needs of each student on an individual basis. Our teachers are committed to developing and nurturing knowledge and skills in all students so that they can be productive members of the twenty-first century.